Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Wikipedia - challenges

I got fascinated by this wikipedia platform. Could this be the next google in terms of impact on the internet world (of course different angle). Alex, Andrei and Sheharyar are blogging on this. Wiki is going to grow exponentially in terms of penetration and visibility. But I noticed that each “language version” has more or less its own different information. In other words, it is not a translation from English into different languages. So more information posted there, but access and penetration is limited because of language barriers. So, how do we overcome this and integrate an “open source” to open the information from the Romanian site to the Russian reader, and so forth?
For our “code writers” and not only: how do we integrate a "wiki-like" project with an extranet/private/company-specific application? I find the wiki very useful in terms of resources and visibility, I want to use it as a CEO, but I do not want all the internal discussions to go out. So ok, open source, create the platform, how do I protect company and employees?
One more comment: they do have an International Wikimedia Conference as well.


Blogger Jennycas said...

I also became fascinated by the Wiki World & plan to develop an intranet wiki for my company. We have so many acronyms & so much terminology here that I believe a Wiki Will Work Wonders (hehehe...) in getting new people acclimated. The interactivess takes all of the effort out of the creation because we don't need to have all the terms defined before hand & has new programs come along that use the same acronyms in different ways, we can add all of the uses to the Wiki.

10:25 AM  
Blogger Alex said...

jenny, cool application.

lucian, remembering wikipedia is only one application of wiki technology, i am sure you can create a 'private' corporate wiki that sits 'securely' behind a firewall.

1:50 PM  
Blogger Andre Grachev said...

Protecting the wiki content will be easier than compiling and maintaining it. Access to wiki may be restricted to certain IP addresses only (eg. the company's network), to certain authenticated users. Modern sophisticated firewalls can even sift and analyze information flowing through them (eg. look for keywords) and allow or restrict traffic to/from the wiki.

1:52 PM  

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